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January 13, 2018

My Sunshine turned 4 years old!

My Sunshine turned 4 years old! 🎉🎉🎉

Her Shopkins-themed cake was made by Vickys Treats. It was a rainbow cake and it was delicioussssss!

She is a big girl now. (Her words, not mine) She wanted to choose her own birthday dress and she did! I showed her tons of photos of dresses from tons of stores and she settled on the one she liked the most. The dress was from Cubby Smile Baby Store.


Thank goodness I took pictures of my Sunshine in this dress before her birthday party. After hours of non-stop bouncing, jumping, tripping and falling over in her bouncing castle, this dress was destroyed. Like seriously, destroyed! All those pretty pieces of tulle on the skirt were pulled and stepped on until they basically just fell off as she walked. I do not even know where the dress is now. It has not been seen since her birthday. I think it went off somewhere to die in peace…

I love how this dress swish, swish, swishes!

Dress – Cubby Smile Baby Store

Hair accessory and shoes – Kids On Fleek Kenya

Photography – Loli Photographer

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