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My name is Lorraine Malu Msagha and I am a wife, a mother of two amazing daughters –my Sunshines, a first-time children’s book author and a children’s fashion accessory designer.

Here is a little bit about:

Our Children’s Fashion Blog

I started the DressingUpSunshine blog in 2015 with my 3-year-old daughter – my Sunshine – and it was a fun and informative platform to explore children’s style and trending fashion in East Africa. We shared details on the different stores where we bought our clothes, the different quality of clothes in the market, where to get trending outfits at friendlier prices, which international stores we shopped from online … Basically the daily adventures of dressing an amazing little human.

This blog helped me come up with the storyline for my first children’s book, Wandia Wears Clothes, which is set to be released in November 2021.

Our Hair Bows

For the past 2 years, we have been creating our own brand of hand-made hair bows locally in Kenya. Our collection is largely designed and assembled by my daughters and I. We also support and stock products from other small bow makers in Kenya and internationally.

You can shop our bows here under SHOP.

Please follow us to stay updated on new bow designs on our social media accounts:

Facebook – @dressingupsunshine

Instagram – @dressingupsunshine_store

Our Children's Book

Our first children’s book, Wandia Wears Clothes, is a fun and easy to read story about a young girl named Wandia who likes to go on adventures with her friends, but does not like to dress up. 

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